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Meet Janet, Marty, and 'B52'

South Islanders Janet and Marty chanced upon Fairway Bay Marina when they flew up from Christchurch to inspect their then advertised boat called 'B52'. "For Marty and I the marina is easy to access when we fly up to Auckland, and catch the ferry to Gulf Harbour. Also the proximity of the Hauraki Gulf right outside the marina entrance is perfect for us," remarks Janet. Adding, "there is plenty of ocean space and no boat traffic to encounter, and being first time boat owners, now six years ago, that was important."

Both Janet and Marty have had previous sailing experience; racing and blue water crewing respectively. However "owning your first boat is on another level, especially one this size, and provides a steep learning curve", says Marty.

'B52' was launched in 2014, is a 16m performance cruiser, and a John Lidguard design, with cedar and kauri timber structure, and glass finish. It also has a 180 horsepower engine, which was a great feature especially for their first-time boat to get to places with ease, if needed.

"We just love this boat because it has been beautifully built and is well appointed. We love the comfort and the challenge of a big boat. She performs exceptionally well. Our sail wardrobe is very simple and consists of two sails; the front one and the back one, and that just suits us", quips Marty.

For both Janet and Marty simply casting their mooring lines and 'getting out there' puts them in their happy space. The boat and the weather often determines their destination and although they enjoy the Barrier and the bottom end of Waiheke, anything will do, they are not too fussy.

"Marty tends to be the skipper and I am the navigator, and these two roles tend to reflect our relationship", Janet concludes with a cheeky smile.

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