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Some timely tips for 'wintering' your boat

Wintering your boat is a well used term in colder winters than here in New Zealand, however with the cooler months ahead, it means that most boats remain inactive for an extended period of time. Kevin Duder from All Marine Services has some timely advice to help preserve your boat:

  • Keep your fuel tanks ‘pressed' meaning full, and add a fuel additive. This will prevent condensation forming in the tank. Moisture can create a prime habitat for diesel bugs, which can be potentially damaging and costly to treat.

  • Check and close all your boat's seacocks. While you are there, work them open and closed numerous times to check they operate with the resistance expected. Take careful note if there is any excessive stiffness or binding, and attend to any concerns when your boat is next hauled out.

  • Electrical systems left alone for a period time are generally fine, however isolating those systems that are separate from the battery banks is good practice. All boat batteries should remain fully charged and cycled via shore power.

  • Mould can be a constant concern in any boat. If a boat is closed up, moisture and condensation can grow mould. The most effective solution is to keep airflow moving through the boat through venting systems or leaving a weather-proof hatch ajar. Dehumidifiers are a great option set to medium, or on a timer to break the operation so as to not dry out any timber work.

  • Be sure to have your planned maintenance and upgrades done in the winter months to ensure no unexpected breakdowns over the boating season. The winter months don't suffer from the usual pre summer scramble to get last minute work done.

  • Lastly, clean out your bait freezer if it is not in use for any extended period. If there is any refrigeration failure this can turn into a bigger and costly headache than simply losing the product.

Kevin and his crew run a comprehensive boat mechanical repair and maintenance operation in both Gulf Harbour Marina and Fairway Bay Marina. Their capabilities are comprehensive; covering all aspects of recreational boating, and of any size boat. This includes engine repairs, maintenance, rebuilds and shaft work; they are also 230V registered, and dealers for Simrad and B&G instrumentation and electronics. 'We run a complete shop - the one place a boaty can maintain, upgrade or work through any challenge a boat can provide' says Kevin, adding 'it makes life so much easier for both the owner and our staff to work as one'. Modern boats can be complex and most boat systems, both electrical and mechanical, are fully integrated, meaning the work is done by one specialist, and in the end saves time and money. All Marine Services has a local workshop here on the Whangaparāoa Peninsula, which also keeps the travel to a minimum. Whatever mechanical or electrical project you have in mind for your boat, contact Kevin and the team to discuss your options. *Fairway Bay Marina has no financial interest in 'Meet the Tradies'.

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