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Fairway Bay Marina Update - October 2022

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Expansion Update

Works are on schedule for a December finish, but not without some un

foreseen challenges. Particularly the removing the old piles from the now dismantled inner marina pier. They were originally installed by being vibrated directly into the limestone bedrock (marina floor) and were proving very difficult to budge.

After exhausting a number of options it came down to removing them with a combined process of vibrating and pulling with some high capacity equipment.

The next milestone will be the completion of the perimeter walkway, which is on schedule for the end of this month. Once complete, the services (power and water) will be installed through the internal ducting inside each of the pontoons, and then the berth fingers will be added.

New Berth Allocation

Berth allocations for the new for the new expansion are progressing with a strong uptake at this early stage. The expansion plan published on our website showing the allocations is kept current. If you know of any boat owner looking for a permanent berth to rent please contact us.

Marina Developments

The land between The Anchorage and the marina has been mulched - lawn mowing on a grand scale. This has made great improvement by levelling the overgrown gorse, Pampas (Toitoi) and Kikuyu grass, and has been very much appreciated by the surrounding neighbourhood.

Marina Biosecurity Hull Surveillance

The Auckland Council is undertaking a marine bio-security regional hull surveillance throughout the region. Operations are planned to get underway from October. Exact dates of operations at Fairway Bay Marina will be communicated as the programme progresses, all of which is weather dependent.

The objective is to check boats are not harbouring any harmful marine pests that can be inadvertently transported around the Gulf and beyond. We will be notified if there are any boats with heavy fouling in need of attention.

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