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Fairway Bay Marina Rules

Fairway Bay Marina adopts the following rules for the regulation of activities in the Fairway Bay Marina.


In these Rules unless the context otherwise requires: “Manager” means the person/s as is from time to time appointed to manage the Marina by the owners Godwit Marine Ltd (GML), or any other duly authorized representative of GML. “Marina” means the Fairway Bay Marina.

  • No person shall moor, berth or permit to be berthed any vessel in the Marina unless the vessel is licensed to occupy such berth or otherwise has permission in writing from the Manager.


  • All persons must comply with any instructions or directions issued by the Manager, whether written or verbal.


  • All vessels shall navigate under power in the marina, except in case of emergency. No sailing, rowing, or paddling is permitted.


  • Any plant, equipment, fuel, or other material or substance may not be kept carried or stored in such a condition that it could constitute a hazard or menace to the health or safety of other Marina users, their property or the marine environment.


  • Pollution of the Marina or discharge into the Marina or its waters of any poisonous, noxious, dangerous or offensive substance or thing is prohibited.


  • It is prohibited to discharge any sewage or empty any latrines into the Marina waters, or otherwise dispose of any garbage, oil, fuel or any other material whatsoever in the marina, except into the containers which may be provided by the Marina.


  • All vessels must have a ‘clean’ hull prior to berthing within the Marina. A hull is ‘clean’ when no biofouling of live organisms is present.


  • No repairs or maintenance on any vessel within the Marina without the written, or verbal permission of the Manager. Any permitted maintenance and repairs undertaken must be undertaken in such a manner as to prevent the release of contaminants within the Marina. All third-party contractors or tradesperson must first be registered with Gulf Harbour Marina.


  • Nothing may be left on any pier or walkway that restricts the passage of pedestrians.

  • No structure or attachment of any item to any piles, piers or walkways is permitted, without the written consent of the Manager.


  • Any person operating a vessel within the marina shall at all times observe the requirements of the Navigation Safety Bylaw and any applicable New Zealand Maritime Rule.


  • Noise which is likely to cause annoyance to any reasonable person is not permitted, and in particular (but not by way of limitation):

    • All halyards must be secured in such a manner that they do not make any noise.

    • Engines, generators stereos, TVs and radios shall be reasonably operated as far as noise is concerned.

No person shall, in the Marina:

  • Swim or dive, fish, anchor, row, paddle or sail any vessel.

  • Solicit for business without the prior written consent of the Manager.

  • Use a boat for commercial purposes without written permission from the Manager.

  • Engage in any conduct that adversely affects the peace, enjoyment or privacy of other users of the Marina.

  • Keep pets or animals without the prior written consent of the Manager.

  • No washing may be hung out on your vessel at any time.

  • Moor, sail or manoeuvre any boat so as to create a danger, impediment, obstacle or inconvenience to other Marina users.

  • Allow or permit refuelling of any boat.
  • Use firefighting equipment supplied by the Marina for any purpose other than for fighting of fires.

  • Moor any vessel other than at a Marina berth pursuant to an authorisation given under a Fairway Bay Marina Rental Agreement.

  • Alcoholic beverages shall not be consumed within the Marina except on private vessels, or other premises where consumption of alcoholic beverages is not prohibited by law.

  • Any person who is involved in any incident in the Marina whereby any damage is done to any property whatsoever shall report such damage to the Manager as soon as possible.

  • GML accepts no liability for the security or safety of any vessel in the Marina.

  • All vessels within the Marina must be insured with a minimum third-party liability cover of NZ$10,000,000.

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