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Berth Rental Rates

Fairway Bay Marina - Berth Rental Rates

Rates updated 29th January 2022 and effective from 1st March 2022

 Mono-hull Rates


 Multi-hull Rates


 Stern-in berth Rates

  Vessels less than 16m base rate $1055 - over 16m, base rate, plus $2.50 per metre per day.


  • All pricing includes GST and are in NZD.

  • Per night rate noccupancy beyond 7 days goes to monthly rates below.

  • Rental paid in advance (invoiced 1st day of month due) and power paid for the previous month (after consumption).

  • Monthly rentals require a security bond equal to one months' rental, paid in advance, and refundable upon departure.

  • Liveaboard fee invoiced separately.

  • Power charges invoiced separately per KW consumed $0.30c + GST. 

  • Water charges are includes in daily and monthly rental.

  • Vessel length includes full length of vessel plus attachments such as anchors, bow sprits, tenders etc.

  • Rates are subject to change upon notice.

 Payment Detail - Godwit Marine Ltd | Westpac 03-0162-0142263-000